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So I have decided that Jason and my sister Abby are going to get married and have children. And over the past few hours we have kept coming up with more reasons as to why they are perfect for each other. Lets start shall we?

  • They both like stripes
  • They tend to match without meaning to (look at above picture, this isnt the first time)
  • They both want two kids
  • One boy and one girl, with the boy first so “he can protect his sister”
  • They both are vanilla people
  • They both love movies
  • They both love animal cookies
  • They love fuzzy blankets
  • They both love staying in (fuzzy blankets+movies+hot cocoa)

I’m sure there were more things but that is all I can remember at the moment. But I have also decided their future. They will both graduate, get good jobs then get married. Then they can have kids with cute curly hair, dark eyes, and a tan/olive skin tone (they will be adorable!). And they will match them in stripes as well. And since both of them like running they will run with their kids and put them in matching running suits (they came up with that part haha). And they will live in a nice little house in the suburbs, and send their kids to a nice school, and life will be good.

Again I’m sure there was more that I had come up with but thats the general idea. And they seemed to be ok with it too haha.

Waiting for their first date now :)

Oh and that picture is of them trying to figure out which 2 bags of animal cookies were the fullest, and had the fewest broken cookies in it. Twas cute :) Now going back to watching Wall-E with them :)

Pretty much sums up our night. We also attended a Jewish family Shabbat dinner together. So much fun! Speaking with lots of people and seeing some fraternity activities including their bids. 

Afterward, the three of us have driven back in the direction of my apartment to get JoAnna chocolate milk. Rather than purchase some at the “community market” that is available, I proposed that we should get it from a store where it’s cheaper and we can get a larger quantity for the amount. 

We first stopped by the Smart & Final down the street, that was closed, then headed to the 99cents only store, that too was closed. A car parked beside our car and I pointed out that I recognized on of the four guys leaving the car. JoAnna knew him! We rolled down the windows and JoAnna talked to him and asked, “do you know a grocery store that’s open right now? We’re trying to get chocolate milk and brownie mix.” He laughed and informed us of an open grocery store not far from our location. We thanked him and we all went parted ways. 

On the way to the grocery store, we had to take a left turn into Placentia. I told Abby that I wanted to be like an obnoxious person in the car and yell something at people across the street. Abby said, “we should say chocolate milk!” So we did. I took a short clip of us doing that. What appeared to be five teenagers at a corner of an In-N-Out turned around and looked at us. We laughed and completed our drive to the market after checking one more (closed) store. 

We went to a Ralphs and looked at some items and decided on buying the chocolate milk and two bags of circus cookies (as seen in the photoset). 

After our checkout, we went to my apartment, settled in, drank chocolate milk, and ate cookies. Abby looked at my movie selection and picked out Wall E. That’s what we’ve been up to until now. 

This night was fun and interesting. I have no complaints about it, only more memories!

Reblogging my own post because of everything Jason added :D and I want to point out that the guys were Sigma Nu’s, one was the ASI president, and I was half asleep when they decided to yell chocolate milk. It has been a LONG day, and now I am finally home, in my bed, and going to sleep :D

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